The Year 2019 has seen numerous changes and developments in the landscape of cryptocurrency exchange. This is in terms of the number, diversity, and even quality of exchanges, which has increased allowing traders, enthusiasts, and investors an unexpected number of venues to venture. This variety of options to choose from has the resultant effect of overpowering traders at times. However, in the long haul, it is safe to say that with it comes better quality and supremacy competition, which is generally good for the crypto industry.

In a bid to solidify their customer base and compete favorably in the crypto industry competition arena, exchanges have evolved. Here below, we enlist the main trends in crypto industry and crypto trading platforms that are pushing the new face of cryptocurrency exchanges this year.

Crypto industry platforms are moving increasingly towards the integration of derivatives and decentralization of services. This is being done to increase the efficiency of on and off-ramps of the world of traditional Fiat, and to incorporate new products that will see cryptocurrency users and traders access all their needs’ satisfaction under one roof.

Bitfinex is an ideal platform that has embraced this trend. It has just added a portfolio tool that allows convenient and easy asset management. Bitfinex makes it a possibility for the platform users to find their way around it easily without having to be gurus.

Bybit is another exchange that is increasingly accepting and affirming integration and user-friendliness. It boasts a beginner’s section that provides tutorials and FAQ on the platform and its activities, thereby making it easy for the platform users to experience the platform in a more knowledgeable manner. The platform claims to be the first to offer such a service along with the cheap and expedited conversion of currencies.

Another trend in 2019 has been margin trading. Binance in particular avails an on-board retail segment for its investors, who will find it lucrative to try their luck at trading in derivatives. Margin trading provides an environment that is safe from risks as compared to the more conventional trading on cryptocurrency platforms.

 In listing the trends, we can’t forget to mention Huobi, HBDM, which has increased its popularity by the introduction of real-time settlements for all contracts regarding BTC. This is a minor move, but that has seemingly significant implications for users of the exchange. Conventionally, bitcoin futures are usually settled daily or weekly for reasons including security and the provision of a window to check on the safety and legitimacy of the trades before paying out. With the real-time settlement, however, HBDM traders and investors are now able to access their finances to go. Such trends and developments in the crypto industry will allow traders to spend their liquidity elsewhere upon finishing and settling profitable positions.

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