Natasha Bansgopsul is a Bitcoin expert; she shared her opinions on the possibility of the increase in bitcoin price in 2019. There have been complaints about the probability of the prices getting exceedingly high. Natasha is the co-founder of Konstellation; this is a tech company that mainly focuses on growing the blockchain advancement in the financial sector. The firm’s portfolio includes Consultancy and Education, Tech Development, and Konstellation Network services. The mission is to eliminate the ineffectiveness and monopoly in the alternative investment through the introduction and development of blockchain services.

In a recent interview, Natasha predicted that 2019 would be an excellent year for both bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. She stated that there are forces that would be coming up in 2019 that would be important in fueling the attention of people on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

She said, “factors such as political unrest, trade confrontations, and other multinational political tensions are contributing immensely towards Bitcoins value.”

She further added that bitcoin would still be leading when it comes to the investment sector. Therefore, the price of Bitcoin would remain dynamic amidst the current trade wars and international political unrest.

What is the value of Bitcoin globally?

Currently, significant organizations around the world are now engaging with the new Bitcoin Technology, paving the way to more advancements in the future. According to Natasha,

 “introduction of Blockchain in the undertakings of significant companies such as Walmart and Facebook is opening up more portals for cryptocurrency in the world market.”

The other day, after many years of research and development, China announced its plan to launch its new digital currency system in the country. By this announcement, Natasha believes that this is a unique aspect of the belief that the price of Bitcoin will materialize someday. Currently, the amount of bitcoin is at $9500 with 0.5 Fibonacci with the amounts expected to balance as the pullbacks subside. The price follows a colossal decline, indicating that the sway will end soon.

Natasha believes that “since a fifth of the population of the world is taking the cryptocurrency topic with vital interest; there is a renewed hope that the technology will be in full operation in the whole world in the future. Therefore, it is good to be optimistic as people are already accepting the technology”. Besides these factors, Natasha Bansgopsul added that the price of Bitcoin would be high by the end of 2019. This would, in turn, trigger the growth of the general cryptocurrency industry, which is expected to act as a substitute for the capital alternative industry that is in work today.

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