Earlier this year, Facebook confirmed the rumors that they would be entering into the cryptocurrency market by releasing the white paper for their Libra token. Since then, the Libra team has mostly busied themselves trying to get regulatory approval across several regions in the world ahead of the token’s launch and this has proved at times to be a challenge. Despite all of this, the token seems to be taking shape as a few small details are being released about how the token and its Calibra wallet will work from 2020.

According to the September 19, 2019 report ,one of the latest moves by Facebook is the acquisition of Servicefriends which is a artificial intelligence-powered customer service chatbox service and it is believed that it will be used for customer service when the Calibra wallet is fully life.

Customer Service 

According to the report, Facebook’s intention is to make use of the chatbox service to create an instant AI-powered customer service chatbox for their customers ahead of the Libra launch. When the token and the white paper were first announced, Facebook stated that they intended to bring the services to unbanked masses and allow them access financial services to their various platforms such as messenger and WhatsApp. Naturally, these people will require customer service and this chatbox acquisition is a step in the right direction.

Sometime ago, before the rumors of them were confirmed by Facebook themselves, they had initiated several acquisitions of several blockchain and crypto-related start ups and this gave some clue as to what Facebook intended to do with regards to the upcoming crypto business. Servicefriends is a firm that uses AI intelligence to mimic human empathy and communications to the point that those who interact with it might not know that they are speaking to a robot.

“We are thrilled to share that Servicefriend is now moving to the next chapter of our exciting journey. Over the past four years, we managed to standout and build a great platform for brands to deliver excellent experiences at scale over WhatsApp and Messenger. Our mission to transform the way business interact with people and to let people communicate with businesses as they do with their friends has always been our raison d’etre,” their website says.

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