Roger Ver, founder of suggested that this cryptocurrency is manipulated by the CIA. He also said that the agency and the BTC community have similarities when it comes to cheating.

The founder of the platform, also known in the past as the “Jesus of Bitcoin,” suggested that Bitcoin is manipulated by the CIA. This Tuesday, through the YouTube channel, the founder of the exchange commented in a video to his more than 34,000 subscribers:

“It would be naive to think that the CIA has not been involved in the interruption of cryptocurrencies.”

The video, entitled “What do Bitcoin Maximalism and the CIA have in common?”, Has already had more than 35 thousand views on YouTube and various reactions from the public. During the video, Ver maintains that the US agency has been observing Bitcoin for a decade, since 2010.

In his comments, he adds that, since cryptocurrencies have the potential to break the traditional financial system worldwide and government control over it, “they will do everything possible to interrupt it and delay the adoption of cryptocurrencies.”

In addition, during the video, the founder also makes a curious relationship between the Bitcoin maximalists and the US Central Intelligence Agency. UU. (CIA).

Bitcoin and CIA maximalists

Among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are distinguished as the “Bitcoin maximalists” those radical advocates of the cryptocurrency. The central idea that these groups defend is that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that makes sense and that the others will end up disappearing or being replaced by Bitcoin. However, other positions of less radical defenders also admit the potential and usefulness of other digital currencies.

Roger Ver, who is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocate, has argued in the past that the Bitcoin community manipulated the public to believe that BTC is the “true Bitcoin.” For the founder, however, BCH is the currency that best represents the original Bitcoin project.

During the video, Ver reproduced the statements of the former CIA director and compared them to the discursive tactics of Richard Heart, a former Bitcoin advocate, now known for the creation of the controversial cryptocurrency Hex.

We lie, cheat, steal …” says the former CIA director, Mike Pompeo, in the reproduction of Ver. Meanwhile, Richard Heart says that the Bitcoin community “lied, cheated and stole (sic)” around the controversial introduction of SegWit – a solution for Bitcoin transactions. In the opinion of Heart, the Bitcoin community tricked into driving the use of Lightning Network (another transaction solution), which commented “it has critical vulnerabilities and has lost people’s money.”

Seeming to see, who sees in the comments a connection between the behaviors of the CIA and the Bitcoin community, the latter is made up of people who have manipulated the currency without any real interest in the potential of the peer-to digital money system -peer that she represents.

Bitcoin maximalists are willing to lie, cheat, steal and do whatever it takes to achieve their goal, no matter how immoral or horrible the ends are.

Other possible conspiracy theories

The growth of the main cryptocurrency and its community has been full of conspiracy theories from the beginning. Among them, some have assured that Bitcoin was created by a group of engineers from the Chinese Communist Party, or even that Satoshi traveled from the future to create the currency. In any case, many of these “myths” have their origin in the still mysteries behind the most popular cryptocurrency, including the ignorance of its founder.

This week is about the theory of Ver, whose video has, at the time of writing, 233 votes of “likes” and 180 against. Among the comments, a group of users became supporters of the theory, while others critically attacked it.

On the other hand, the theory of Ver that suggests that Bitcoin is manipulated by the CIA comes just after unexpected revaluation of Bitcoin SV. A sudden increase in the price of Bitcoin SV stole attention from Bitcoin Cash, the founder’s preferred currency. The rise caused BSV to reach BCH for a few hours, becoming the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

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