Recently, Cryptonews news media has reported that approximately 30 retail stores in France will accept bitcoins as a form of payment at more than 25,000 points of sale as of next year.

The promoters of this initiative, which will take action from the beginning of 2020, are Easy2PlayPayment and the EasyWallet application, which has recently integrated the cryptocurrency payment option to its platform.

This new inclusion will allow more than 25,000 points of sale in France to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment, complying with the legal framework of the PACTE law.

The PACTE (Action Plan for Business Growth and Transformation) bill was passed in April this year to promote the development of local businesses, and would supposedly allow French insurance providers to invest in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

With this initiative, Global POS customers will be able to accept payments with bitcoins. It is clear that Global POS is a company that offers solutions for payments with cryptocurrencies at points of sale in France.

Among the most prominent clients of the Global POS are Boulanger, Foot Locker, Decathlon, Conforama, Intersport, Culture, Norauto and Sephora. Also, restaurants, small and medium-sized businesses and independent merchants will be able to access this payment method through connectors compatible with solutions called Nepting and Famoco, as expressed in the press release.

This Bitcoin adoption initiative was presented during the Paris Retail Week event, which began last September 24 in Paris and will culminate on September 26, and in which 600 companies related to electronic commerce will be exhibited.

Regarding the implementation of devices, the CEO and founder of Global POS, Stéphane Djiane, said:

“This is an important symbolic step in the evolution of payment methods in France. However, more than a symbol, what we contribute to 25,000 points of sale is the ability to safely enter the world of Economy 3.0 ”.

While the project will start with the acceptance of payments with bitcoins, Djiane added that the platform has plans to add support for altcoins.

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