A recent report touched on the nascent ecosystem that bases blockchain gamers has shown that the model’s ability to combine and exchange data is not going down well as anticipated earlier by the players.

Bottles Smash and other traditional Nintendo based games in the past have utilized this technology; the technology is therefore not new. According to a review of the game, it allows game characters to meet up in one set. Nintendo closely monitors these characteristics and even has powers to control them, a fact that has not gone well with the crypto gamers. Crypto gamers in a statement, say that they want their progress to be utilized in future games and also be extended in other games.

Late last month, Fred Wilson came up with new suggestions in his written piece on how intellectual properties may be anchored in blockchain technology to allow the gamers’ progress to be extended further to other platforms.

However, now, the sentiments shared by Fred Wilson in his piece do not seem to be working, and no progress is currently in place to make them a reality. Current reports show that players are yet to test different platforms and have only tried their competency in only one game.

Data Available on the Gamers

Two separate reports test came out last month that contains an analysis of about 13 crypto-based games have claimed that most players have played only one game so far. Games like Crypto kitties have only attracted a few people, and more than 80% of people playing these game have never played another game. The report further reveals that even for least popular games such as chain breakers and Neon District almost half of those who have played this game, have no experience in other games.

The reports add that the largest group of people that have interacted with more than one game are those that have associated with both Crypto Kitties and AxieInfinity. Axie infinity in a way is similar to popular Nintendo games such as Pokémon go.

Another report that followed, majorly focused on the purchases of these games, indicated that up to 98% of the players traded in only one game.  All the reports point out at one thing; players should at least try their hand in other games before coming up with demands that will be very difficult to implement in the future.

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