Gemini Exchange users can log in to TradingView and use the analysis tools provided there.

The US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, Gemini, announced its integration with the TradingView data and graphics service.

According to an official announcement published by Gemini, the decision aims to offer users a set of tools that facilitate their operations when making the exchange with different cryptocurrencies, which will allow us to better contemplate the possible scenarios and make decisions with information Useful at hand.

In this regard, Gemini’s communications director, Jaclyn Sales, commented:

“Now our users will be able to make use of the enhanced tools for TradingView graphics, as well as data lists and social functions to facilitate negotiation/order execution strategies, while we continue to guarantee the security of exchange operations on our platform. “

Gemini announces alliance with TradingView

To facilitate users the integration process with the new properties that TradingView offers within Gemini, the exchange published a practical guide to illustrate and clarify doubts regarding the use of the new tools.

This guide illustrates the users on how to log in with their accounts in Gemini, so it is an external service that should be accessed directly from TradingView. When entering, people must select the exchange and log in with the same username and password they use on the Winklevoss brothers platform.

In this regard, Sales also stressed that this alliance seeks to innovate and strengthen the integration of Gemini with other suppliers of products and services aimed at improving the user experience, so that in the coming months the exchange formalizes other trade agreements to strengthen its commercial properties.

Gemini expansion plan

The integration of the exchange with TradingView is another step in Gemini’s plans to expand its service line and bring more people the possibility of trading with digital currencies.

Recently the exchange directors, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, reported on obtaining six new patents for the creation of other stablecoins, which would seek to expand the cryptocurrency catalog that manages the platform and involve other entities to make use of these assets.

In turn, Gemini successfully passed an exam by the consulting firm Deloitte, which empowers the exchange as a guarantor of security requirements for the management of its users’ digital assets.

In mid-January of this year, Gemini executives also announced the launch of their own insurance company, which would intend to offer policies to their clients, in order to prevent the loss of their digital assets inside the exchange, stipulating a maximum equivalent of USD $200 million for users.

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