Haasonline software, who are the creators of advanced crypto trading products made a move of announcing the release of a visual editor, which will serve to leverage their renovated scripting language by the name of Haasscript. The visual editor will now enable users to choose between the newly launched drag and drop visual editor or use the updated text based editor when engaging development of complex scripts to use with Haasonline trade server.

The visual editor is a powerful tool, which will allow efficient organization and editing of command blocks, which will determine the logic of how a specific script will execute. The visual designer is significantly important for users who come with little or no programming knowledge or experience but on the other hand seeking to maximize on their trade automation through a feature-rich scripting language.

The users will be able to alternate between the text-based editors with intellisense in order to control what underlies their scripts. This new amazing feature and functionality is now a possibility thanks to the ever-increasing library of over 500 built-in and user-created commands that are executable via the latest version of Haasscript.

“With introduction of the visual editor which utilizes Haasscrip,t we have made it easier for users who don’t code to create script. We are happy with the feedback we have been receiving from the community. Our development team has been working extremely hard to create and refine the world’s most advanced scripting language and tools for greater crypto automation.” The above sentiments were made by quintus De Haas who is the chief technology officer of Haasonline.

The visual editor comes as part of the next wave of Innovations that has online software has been fronting and releasing recently. Other scheduled releases will seek to include a community marketplace for users that will enable them to exchange custom technical indicators and even automated trading strategies all of which will be created with Haasscript.

Additionally, the company seeks to enable its users to undertake subscriptions to third party signal providers. Haasonline software has the agenda of empowering cryptocurrency enthusiast, traders and even investors by seeking to increase their margins of profitability, decrease human errors all the while increasing the overall efficiency. Haasonline trader server is the motivational force that automates trade strategies for numerous cryptocurrency professionals and investors. It is the creator of the initial bitcoin trade bot as well as one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading platform available on the market over the last five years.

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