The company announced that it would release an EXODUS 1 smartphone model that integrates with the Binance Blockchain, supporting Binance DEX and its native token.

HTC smartphone developer plans to provide support for the Binance chain with a new special edition of its Blockchain-based mobile device, optimized to operate with Binance, according to decentralized HTC chief officer Phil Chen.

HTC recently revealed that it would release an EXODUS 1 smartphone model that integrates with the Binance crypto exchange Blockchain, providing support for its decentralized exchange and its native token.

Another adoption case is added

The EXODUS 1 Binance edition will integrate the Binance Chain with the original Zion Vault wallet application, according to the announcement. Essentially, users can directly access the Binance DEX using the device.

HTC’s decentralized chief official, Phil Chen, said “Binance’s borderless vision is a cause that EXODUS also aspires to” according to a press release.

“We are partnering with the largest and most liquid crypto exchange, along with the principle of minimized trust to empower users to own their own keys and run their own full Bitcoin node,” he said, further suggesting that Binance support DEX natively on the device could help change the way users interact with exchanges.”

Useful smartphones

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that smartphones “are the most natural devices” for hardware wallets, particularly those users who will always have coins.

“Crypto, on the other hand, will make each smartphone a point of sale terminal and a payment device, eliminating most other intermediaries.”

CZ said he was excited to see how people could adopt cryptocurrencies using the device, expressing:

“The implications are profound and powerful. The most innovative smartphone manufacturers are competing to adopt crypto. We are delighted to support and work with HTC EXODUS to ensure that their users can access Binance Chain and DEX to help people access crypto and can exchange anywhere. “

HTC and Blockchain

HTC previously announced that it would be launching a cryptocurrency friendly phone in May, when it launched EXODUS 1. The phone was later released, initially only available for purchase using cryptocurrency, although it could also be acquired via fiat. The company added support for direct exchange between some cryptocurrencies in the same May, as also reported in DiarioBitcoin.

Among its features, EXODUS boasted a “secure enclave” function to act as a mobile hardware wallet, serving as a secure environment for users to store their private cryptocurrency keys without the risk of being hacked or otherwise compromised.

This year, HTC followed up on its EXODUS 1 offer with the 1s model, a more affordable variant capable of running a full Bitcoin node as long as users have added additional storage cards (in large numbers).

The new Binance edition of the device will be sold retail for USD $599, or 899 Singapore dollars, at a discount to the original price of the device. Again, the phone can only be purchased through cryptocurrencies on the HTC website. Some of the first customers can also receive BNB to their devices.

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