Recent innovation by HTC in collaboration with Bitcoin Company has taken cryptocurrency to a new dimension. Many have been awed by a huge development in the recent cryptocurrency innovation thanks to Bitcoin and HTC partnership. The world is not new to HTC products which have enabled the company compete with other mobile providers.

This project whose products will be sold worldwide will bring about immense mutual benefit in the innovation world and enhancing cryptocurrency technologies. HTC whose Smart phone products are one of the world’s leading products, has announced new partnership with Bitcoin making it one of the first Smartphone manufacturers to enter into the cryptocurrency world.

EXODUS 1 Smartphone project by HTC will seek to provide users with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support without necessarily visiting app store to download a BCH wallet. The wallet is already installed on the devices.

According to Chen P., Decentralized chief officer at HTC, The Exodus project is aimed at adapting to public demand and future transformation of crypto currency and internet. Hence the Zion Vault is glad to support BCH for providing hardware to march with BCH block chain as a substitute to usual payments methods and platform.

This could be the first step of partnership journey by the two companies. Secondly, the companies aim at offering discounts while purchasing HTC’S Exodus phone on’s CEO Rust S. says that HTC and Bitcoin companies will reap so many benefits together in the partnership; hence his company is delighted to begin this journey together. is poised to introduce Bitcoin cash to the world. As of now, over 36000 people across 100 countries have downloaded the tools in their store. They want make it available for everyone regardless of nationality financial status or age.

Exodus Smartphone by HTC will power up decentralized web store. This phone manufacturer has in past 20 years created various important technological innovations. Through this recent project, a new era of secure storage of data and transactions will take the world to a different twist in matters technology. On the other hand, Zion the private vault chain will allow its users to conduct crypto transactions, viewing and managing crypto collectibles and at the same time, the user is able to maintain ownership of the keys.

Bitcoin lately has accumulated more than 56000 accounts across the world making at inevitable technological advancement to adopt in future. As the time goes by the company expects to bring other new innovations which aid its users in day to day business transactions. HTC’s involvement will push this dream to a reality in the coming days.

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