Over the last few years, there has been a greater exploration of the capabilities of blockchain beyond cryptocurrency and the technology has been applied in a wide range of industries from food to logistics to finance. Besides cryptocurrency potentially becoming the currency of the future. there is a significant amount of attention on how blockchain will go on to change the world since its creation of irrefutable ledgers of information means that it can be applied to practically every facet in the world and can prevent fraud on multiple levels whether it involves educational certificates or supply chain. 

IBM has recognized this fact and recently filed for a patent that would help in the prevention of drone-enabled package theft.

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The filing was published on November 12, 2019, on the website of United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and according to the document, IBM will make use of an Internet of things altimeter to track the positioning of drones and will record all this information on a dedicated blockchain platform.

This idea has been necessitated by the fact that the use of drones for stealing packages will likely become a significant issue in the future. The technology that IBM intends to deploy will trigger an alarm once a change in position is determined and the information will be sent to a blockchain which essentially acts as an SOS alarm for companies that deliver packages to prevent theft.

The filing of the patent touched on the various things that could go wrong between when a package is delivered and when it is picked up if left unattended. These range from theft to damage and so on and this is where their new idea will come in.

“The confluence of the increase in drone use and the increase in online shopping provides a situation in which a drone may be used with nefarious intent to anonymously take a package that is left on a doorstep after delivery,” the filling says. 

Considering the rise of online shopping and how massive companies like Amazon have become, this sort of technology will likely come in handy in the near future even as blockchain continues to mature and expand.

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