IBM has made a move to double the total number of seats that it holds on the Hyperledger blockchain steering Board. The board has eleven places, and as of present, and following the move, IBM now holds six of them. The step has had a resultant effect of raising concerns among other stakeholders in the board about the technological giant’s agenda that will have massive support due to control of the board.

Of the eleven members on the Hyperledger board, six were announced last week by Big Blue itself and are employees related to IBM. Mark Wagner serves currently as the senior principal engineer at Red Hat, which happens to be a subsidiary of IBM. The shift provides a stark comparison of last year’s constitution of the board where only two members were representatives of IBM.

The new board is scheduled to be operational by next week following the election of its chair.

It should be noted that even though IBM has had a long-reaching role in the governance of the Hyperledger board; it has immensely made efforts and facilitated the code for Fabric which is among its oldest projects, the results from the election came as a shocker to all the representatives from other rivaling enterprises.

One blockchain engineer at oracle, Todd Little is reported to have written in the TSC mailing, “It is evident that IBM now controls the TSC and is that the direction Hyperledger wants to take?”

Among the enterprises that could possibly be impacted majorly by IBM’s growing control of the board are R3 Corda and its variants regarding the Blockchain of Ethereum. The TSC has a responsibility for the creation of working teams that have a primary aim of fixing technicalities and issues surrounding them, approving of projects, and the implementation of updates.

Another reason that is speculated to be behind IBM’s win of six seats on the hyperledger board is a low turnout of voters. This can be damaging in as far as IBM’S dominance over TSC is is reported that of the total voters, only a meager 32% did cast their ballot.

“It has been shown that in a low turnout election, committed and well-organized groups dominate,” an enterprise consultant is quoted to have written in part about the news on IBM’s clinching of six seats on the hyperledger committee board.

A couple of women managed to find seats on the board as well. This is different from previous years, where the hyperledger board was predominantly occupied by male representatives. Tracy Kuhrt and Swetha Repakula made it to the board.

Bob Summerwill, executive director of the Ethereum classic cooperation notes, “While I would agree that the high level of IBM affiliation on the 2019-2020 committee is less than ideal, I must take the opportunity to congratulate Tracy and Swetha both on standing for AND winning election to the TSC following years of 100% male candidates.”

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