Considering that Europe does not suffer from strong restrictions against the crypto ecosystem, the continent has recognized the potential of these digital assets, especially Bitcoin, and Blockchain technology.

Italians claim to prefer cryptocurrencies instead of Visa or MasterCard

Recently, a SEMRush report has been published in which it is concluded that Italians love Bitcoin a lot and that it has been shown to be the third most used payment method in Italy, being the first methods such as PayPal or PostePay.

But, the most relevant part of the report is that, apparently, Bitcoin is used in greater proportion for electronic commerce in Italy than direct payments made with MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

So it seems that finally it is giving the attention it deserves to Bitcoin (BTC), and it has managed to sneak in as a viable alternative to the traditional system, given its ease, immutability and the rest of the features it offers us. Thus, according to the data that was obtained by La Stampa, on average, BTC is used more than 215,800 times a month in Italy, mainly for online purchases. On the other hand, the data showed that American Express is used only 189,000 times a month, however, Visa and MasterCard are still used on average much less.

However, there is still work to do to Bitcoin to reach the top. Who reigns the market in Italy is PayPal, with approximately 1,383,000 payments made per month.

A few years ago in the crypto universe, there was discussion about the need for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general to be massively adopted, reaching opportunities for use in reality and facilitating access. Now, although according to some experts there is still a way to go, we can see the great progress that BTC and the crypto world has made.

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