The Twitter CEO, visiting Africa, believes that this continent is key to the future, especially bitcoin. He will live there 6 months next year.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey finished his tour of Africa, a continent that interests him and spoke wonders. So much so that he plans to leave again 6 months next year.

Dorsey expressed:

“It’s sad to be leaving the continent … for now. Africa will define the future (especially bitcoin!). I’m still not sure where, but I will live here for 3-6 months in mid-2020. Thankful I could experience a small part. “

The tweet makes clear the hopes Dorsey has in the African continent in the future of the world and the role he considers Bitcoin will have. However, he did not make more precise comments on that brief comment.

Dorsey in Africa

During his stay in Nigeria, Dorsey attended a Bitcoin meeting, continuing his personal defense of the cryptocurrency.

It is worth remembering that the CEO of Twitter has been an advocate of Bitcoin having committed to integrate its functionality in Twitter and Square. It has also publicly backed Lightning Network as a payment solution, something that allows Bitcoin users to send funds instantly at no cost.

Africa, as Dorsey said, seems to start responding positively to Bitcoin. In fact, three African countries are among the first to search for the word Bitcoin on Google: Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana.

However, even the governments of African countries have negative positions towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, despite their use. Of course, some governments, such as Ghana, have expressed interest in having their own central bank cryptocurrency.

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