While in the world of business, there are a number of people who are really passionate about cryptocurrency such as Jack Dorsey and Andrew Wozniak, very few have taken their interest quite as far as an entrepreneur John McAfee. McAfee has been touting the benefits of cryptocurrency for a very long time and took it as far as making it the center of his bid for the American presidency in 2020 which he admitted was partially only set up to promote cryptocurrency to a wider audience as election season draws near. 

Now, in a series of tweets from December 16, 2019, McAfee has come out to state that he will no longer be promoting cryptocurrency during his presidential race and instead will focus on his bid which he already knows he is going to lose.

Goodbye to Crypto 

His reason for this, according to the tweets, is that promoting cryptocurrency was taking up too much of his time and that he would rather focus on his presidential bid for the time being. However, McAfee made sure to clarify that he is not retiring from cryptocurrency promotion as a whole but merely taking a break.

“People ask why I am no longer doing Blockchain promotions. It is very time-consuming. My Presidential Campaign will be starting in earnest in January and I cannot do both. I am in no way abandoning crypto; only the task of promoting specific projects,” he said. 

Speaking about his presidential bid, McAfee stated that he has no chance of actually becoming the President of the United States and merely wanted to promote cryptocurrency on a bigger stage. He has certainly been very active in the crypto space and has garnered himself a following and has made a number of interesting predictions over the years such as a single bitcoin reaching the value of $1 million at a point. He even bet that this price point would be reached before the end of 2020 and stated that he would consume his own penis if the prediction did not come through. When asked about it during the Twitter exchange, he stated that the bid is still very much on and that he has full confidence in it.

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