According to Sun, Buterin recently hired “trolls” to attack network projects.

Justin Sun accuses Vitalik Buterin of hiring “trolls” to attack projects

TRON CEO Justin Sun accused Ethereum’s co-founder and co-founder Vitalik Buterin of hiring people who make derogatory comments through social networks and forums (commonly known as “trolls”) to attack other projects related to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Sun’s statements appear in response to a tweet published by Brendan Summer, CEO of (EOS), in which the project manager calls on the developer community, especially addressing Buterin and the team ConsenSys, so they don’t hire people to defame other initiatives:

“We should support each other, as opposed to hiring others to attack. I have taken steps to block users in this article, and am ensuring that B1 never participates or promotes such behavior within the #EOS ecosystem”

To which Justin Sun replied:

“Agree! @Tronfoundation will never hire community members to attack other friendly crypto projects. We should love and support each other! Shame on you @gitcoin @Consensys @VitalikButerin.”

Buterin subsequently made derogatory comments against TRON, ensuring that the project allocates resources internally for other things instead of hiring better trained personnel to carry out research and development.

Although this conflict between Sun and Buterin dates back some time, the TRON ecosystem has been exposed to much controversy because of accusations of plagiarism, unethical practices and ill-treatment of its employees. Recently two former BitTorrent employees filed lawsuits against the CEO and other executives of the TRON Foundation, denouncing violent attitudes towards workers and questionable decisions for the future of the project.

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