Amid the pain and dismay over his death in a helicopter crash, Justin Sun dedicates niTROn event to the memory of basketball player Kobe Bryant and crypto community reacts

Yesterday afternoon, one of the most prolific and popular basketball players in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA) of the US, Kobe Bryant, died in an accident in his helicopter.

While the world is mourning the tragedy, Justin Sun of TRON took the opportunity to quickly dedicate his next niTROn conference to the legendary player. However, the critical crypto community is apparently divided into their reactions. For her, it is not known if it is a gesture of real pain or if, on the contrary, she takes advantage of the event to do marketing. Given Sun’s history, it may be easy to understand some of the reactions.

NiTRon is an annual summit that brings together experts, developers and investors to discuss the industry and the future of Blockchain. To the surprise of many, in 2018 Bryant’s appearance for the 2019 summit was announced.

Justin Sun summit niTROn to Kobe Bryant

The world is mourning today, connoisseur of the records that Bryant left on and off the basketball court. The cryptocurrency community also manifested its pain. One of the first was the founder and CEO of TRON, Justin Sun, who expressed his pain on Twitter by saying that “it has been a great honor to meet you at niTROn 2019 ″ and that“ he will always remember us on stage, discussing the future of Blockchain “:

Also, later the TRON Foundation noted in a tweet that Bryant “is a member of the TRON family.” In addition, the upcoming festivities of the niTROn 2020 summit would be dedicated to “his legendary life and legacy”.

Crypto community reacts

The TRON Foundation initiative met with different reactions from the crypto community. Some consider it as the foundation is honoring the tragic death of the legendary player. However, others more skeptical are less positive in their reactions, claiming that TRON is using the accident to promote their next event. Crypto enthusiast, investor and adviser to Coindesk, Dovey Wan (@DoveyWan) is one of the last:

“What a psychopath, period.”

Other members of the crypto community have also spoken, as in the case of one of Verge’s developers in Canada (@VergeCanada), who described him as “A sick individual.” Most of them seem to support the notion that Sun’s efforts are driven by his agenda to promote his company, disrespecting the memory of the ill-fated player.

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