Justin Sun revealed details of his dinner with Buffet: he gave the billionaire 1 bitcoin and almost 2 million Tron coins (about USD $50,000) and thus promoted his crypto.

Although Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun, usually counts on the networks every step he takes, this time he kept quiet. But now, two weeks later, today it was revealed that on January 23 the expected and famous lunch was held between him and the anti-cryptocurrency billionaire, Warren Buffett.

Lunch was held at the Happy Hollow Club in Nebraska, according to a press release. The four dinner guests included Charlie Lee, founder of the Litecoin Foundation; Chris Lee, chief financial officer of Huobi; Helen Hai, director of the Binance Charity Foundation and Yoni Assia, executive director of eToro.

It is worth mentioning that Sun paid the sum of USD $4.57 million in May 2019 at an auction for lunch with Warren Buffett. But the event was postponed due to Sun’s alleged illness. At the time this information was widespread, so it is striking that the CEO has silenced the rescheduling of the event.

Justin Sun talks on Twitter about his dinner with Buffet

Obviously, already made public the news, the CEO of Tron could not remain silent. All the details of what happened at dinner, Sun revealed them said on his Twitter account. He began by saying:

“Amazing dinner w / @WarrenBuffett finally! Thx for your support & advice on how to take #TRON to the next level! Loved our talk on #Bitcoin, @Tesla & #TRON! Glad to support @GLIDEsf as well! C U at # BRK2020 & our reunion meal in 2030! ”

In a thread he gave more details such as the gifts that were given – among them some books and a bronze horse, since both were born the Chinese Year of the Horse – and the amount of the account: just over USD $500. But most importantly: Tron’s CEO gave Bitcoin and Tron a gift to the skeptical cryptocurrency millionaire.

Warren Buffet would have received information about transferring TRON tokens during dinner, and even recognized the potential of Blockchain as technology.

“Warren Buffett feels that Bitcoin still needs a lot of work to capture the value of #blockchain. I told Mr. Buffett that #Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation, Mr. Buffett smiled and said,” I’m sure my grandson I’d rather inherit my wealth in USD. ”LOL!”

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