One new sector that has seen increased blockchain presence in the last few years is the world of sports. This includes sports clubs creating their own digital tokens to the application of blockchain for tracking collectible sports memorabilia. This has helped not only united fans with a single tradable asset but has also helped to combat counterfeit sporting goods on the market. Many Crypto firms are also gaining more traction by becoming attached to sporting events such as Litecoin sponsoring a UFC fighting match In 2019 and the Houston Rockets also been sponsored by a firm within the space.

Fans of Juventus, which is an Italian soccer club, have used a blockchain-based platform called Socios to vote on the new song that will be played whenever their team scores a goal.

New Theme Song 

This marks the first-ever poll that has been held on the socials platform which is created for sports fans. It was also the first time use of the team’s native JUV token and according to the results of the poll published January 6, 2019, the song 2 by Blur will be played at Juventus’ Allianz Stadium every time the team scores a goal.

The poll included thousands of fans from around the world and the management of Socios stated their satisfaction with the inclusion of everyone.

“Till now most of the utility tokens we’ve seen were about protocol and layers. There were about blockchain itself. For one of the first time, you can see the utility of a blockchain-based asset that is used in real life by real people. It is very early stage and that was a debut but it happened. We use blockchain for 2 reasons. One is creating a limited amount of ‘Fan Tokens’ which are fungible tokens (ERC20 on Chiliz Proof of Authority chain for now) that give a voice to fans all over the world, but also we use blockchain for the fairness and transparency of the vote,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Socios. 

Dreyfus also noted that many other football clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Galatasaray, West Ham, and AS Roma will be holding similar polls on the platform in the next few weeks and that esports will also be thrown into the mix at some point.

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