Evidence indicates that Scott requested to delay his verdict by the end of April, in order to prepare his defense against the OneCoin case.

After being captured by the authorities under OneCoin-related capital legitimation offenses, Mark Scott asked the courts to postpone the announcement of his sentence by April 21 of this year.

According to information published by various digital media, Scott presented a letter to the corresponding court making the respective request. However, the lawyer was found guilty at the end of November last year, where the judge said the defendant was involved in a conspiracy to commit bank fraud and to launder money from OneCoin.

Scott’s sentence on the basis of the aforementioned charges would take place on February 21 of this year, but the defendant asked the judge to extend the period until April 21. That way he would have more time to request the acquittal of the crimes for which he was charged, or even a new trial to re-evaluate the case in the light of the new allegations and evidence.

Mark Scott and OneCoin case

Originally, the US Court accused Scott of moving around USD $400 million towards the Bank of Ireland, a process in which he also tried to hide the source of such funds.

Apparently, Scott used his privileged position and capital obtained in a murky way to acquire some properties, including a yacht, three houses and a Ferrari. However, the lawyer pleaded not guilty to the accusations and alleged that at the time he distrusted the intentions of the directors of OneCoin, who said that what he did for the company was not illegal.

Despite the defense presented by the lawyers, the corresponding court dismissed that Scott had acquired these properties with income from the law firm for which he worked, and found him guilty because of his obvious links with the directors of OneCoin, so they demerited their supposed ignorance of the illegality of the actions that they carried out to support the company that scammed thousands of people and raised more than USD $2 billion for the supposed launch of their digital currency.

Cases against other OneCoin executives

The case against Scott is one of the most representative against OneCoin, whose creator of the project, Ruja Ignatova, is still a fugitive from justice with a warrant for capture in several countries.

OneCoin executives facing legal proceedings are David Pike, administrator of an investment fund for the company, and Konstantin Ignatov, brother of the founder of the pyramid scheme.

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