Although its release has not yet scheduled, version 2.0 of Libra Core will bring improvements to the network protocol.

The Libra Association, the responsible entity of the Facebook sponsored stablecoin, Libra, announced the publication of version 2.0 of its roadmap for Libra Core, the main software that supports the network of the controversial project.

The announcement of the 2.0 version of Libra Core comes at a time of great uncertainty for this initiative, since the regulatory landscape associated with the digital currency poses many drawbacks, especially in the US, so there is currently no estimated date for the official launch

According to information published in the Libra Association blog, version 2.0 of the protocol will provide the network with greater functionality, which will allow developers and companies to design solutions that take advantage of the potential of this technology. It continues in the construction work of the community, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency is not going to see light in the coming months.

Libra Core version 2.0 details

According to the development team, version 2.0 of the protocol places special emphasis on three main areas:

The first focus has to do with the developers working on the main version of the network. These propose to imply all the priority functions and create the interfaces as well as the APIs that the network will require to connect with other services.

The second focus has to do with the metrics that the protocol throws, which will allow the team to make all kinds of measurements in relation to the impact, usability, quality and handling of the products associated to the network.

Finally, the remaining focus contemplates a series of changes to provide the Libra Association and its network with greater transparency in its operations. This will allow more support to members of the Libra community when developing products and services that make use of the protocol.

Future plans

On these plans that they plan to push to strengthen Libra Core, the members of the association wrote:

The Libra Association, the different addresses and the protocol development team are working on a strategy that helps members with less technical foundation to implement solutions when the software is complete.

These members should start preparing for the way in which they will implement their validation node, either by hiring technical support or by using third parties to support the process … In the future, we will focus on inviting organizations to join the Libra Association , in order to grow the network and continue moving towards an autosoberano model.

On a possible date for the launch of the project, the board member, Patrick Ellis, indicated that there is currently no clear plan. He added that Libra may be seen active by the end of 2020. In addition, he added:

“For this stage, we do not handle a consolidated strategy for the markets or the product, so far we do not have a precise idea of ​​how it will be implemented.”

Experts say that the directors of the association will dedicate a good part of 2020 to solve all the regulatory problems associated with Libra, so they will be working to address the issues that are problematic in the face of current laws, working closely with regulators to refine the criteria better.

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