It is common for some transactions to get caught in the Bitcoin blockchain and take longer to be confirmed. Luckily for BTC users, there is a service that allows you to make payments on the Lightning Network to speed up your confirmation. The PushTX transaction accelerator, in addition to accepting satoshis, also processes payments with five other cryptocurrencies.

Users can pay the service with dash, litecoin, ether, zcash, dogecoin and satoshis from Lightning Network. According to PushTX details, the platform offers an average confirmation time of 14 minutes per transaction after payment is confirmed.

To use this platform, you need to know the hash or identification of the transaction stuck in Bitcoin. A data that can be obtained in the history of the wallet used to transfer the bitcoins or with a blockchain explorer. After entering the identification, users proceed to pay an extra commission for the miners to include said transaction in the block. The order is processed instantly.

It is important to note that the PushTX service is offered by Poolin, one of Bitcoin’s most important mining pools. In addition, the group operates in cooperation with other pools in the market. Because of this, it is not a free service and users have to pay a commission for their transaction to be released.

Today there are various tools and functions in the Bitcoin network to release stuck transactions whose commission is very low. For those interested in matching prices and payment methods, other accelerators on the market are PushTX, Bitaccelerator and 360 Bitcoin Accelerator.

In some wallets there is the RBF function, acronyms that refer to a commission replacement and the CPFD (Child Pay For Parent) method, which allow you to increase commissions when a user wishes to expedite the confirmation of a certain transaction.

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