There has been a significant explosion of crypto in pop-culture in the last few years from the sponsorship of NBA games by crypto firms to a mention in a Google ad. The need for this is to make cryptocurrency more familiar to everyday people and this will help to drive adoption.

The latest of these efforts were done by Reid Hoffman who is the co-founder of LinkedIn, a job and networking portal. On September 5, 2019, Hoffman released a rap-style video which shows Alexander Hamilton, who is one of the founders of the United States, facing off against Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin, in a rap battle.

Hamilton Vs Nakamoto 

In the video, Hamilton who is the creator of the United States Central Bank faces off again Satoshi while defending the merits of centralized financial systems and currencies which is in direct contrast to the concept of cryptocurrency. Hoffman was allegedly inspired to do this after watching the musical Hamilton which is based on Alexander Hamilton and was particularly inspired by two numbers in the musical which are called the Cabinet Battle songs.

“I was particularly struck by his two “Cabinet Battle” songs, and the way he used battle rap to express the opposing viewpoints that informed the issues and debates underlying fundamental moments in America’s development. Since then, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using battle rap to explore some of the most polarizing issues that characterize our own era,” Hoffman said. 

The video featured cameos from Hoffman himself as well as notable figures in the industry such as Charlie Lee the inventor of litecoin and featured both characters going back-and-forth about the benefits of each of their sides. Hoffman has stated that he hopes his video will inspire more conversation among consumers that centers around centralized currencies and decentralized currencies.

“Since I believe that informed, civil, and open-minded debate ultimately leads to more innovation and adaptation, I hope the debates continue,” he said. 

It is notable that in 2018 LinkedIn reported that blockchain developer was one of its most sought after career options across the site and this has been used as a talking point as to how far the crypto industry has grown. However, cryptocurrency still sees some pushback in the mainstream from those who think it is inferior to traditional currencies or a scam. This issue cannot be ignored but can be combated with proper education and information about the benefits of crypto.

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