After gathering and considering feedback from its client base, Luno has geared up and made a move to include bitcoin cash trading on its platform. As of current, bitcoin cash is now the third cryptocurrency that is available for trading on Luno exchange. This is in addition to bitcoin core and Ethereum. Additionally, the international crypto-exchange insists that more cryptocurrency options are underway and will be available for trading on the exchange as soon as the platform determines that they are feasible enough.

in London, Luno was previously known as Bitx. It recently made the announcement that bitcoin cash was to be made available on its cryptocurrency exchange. Consequently, starting Monday, September 23, crypto enthusiasts, traders, and even investors on the platform were able to buy, sell, and even store bitcoin cash on the exchange.

The exchange has cited feedback from its users to be the main reason for the recent addition of BCH. Marcus Swanepoel, who is the CEO of Luno international exchange, is quoted to have said during the announcement “we are in a new and exciting financial era. Leading economies are fronting the massive adoption and usage of cryptos. Luno is integral to this dispensation and has always listened and toiled hard to comprehend the wants of these leading economies. Therefore, we have moved to expand our offering of secure and legitimate digital currencies to individuals and are building cross-functional accessibility and transfer of funds.”

The team from Luno has insisted on their promise to their clients that the offering and the exchange will persist in its expansion quest after the addition of Bitcoin Cash to the platform. It promises to have new digital assets to trade on the platform, which are currently underway in terms of planning and feasibility tests.

They have also assured their customer base that security will continue to be of priority insisting that any new coins that will be added to the exchange platform will have to be scrutinized by the company for a number of years before being officially availed on the platform for trading, buying or selling. This is in line with ensuring credibility that will enable the exchange to be among the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

Marius Reitz, who is the general manager Africa for Luno, also issued comments saying, “there are over 2000 cryptocurrencies in the world, and we take our responsibilities as a credible platform with urgency. We exclusively append a new coin once we are confident of their security, credibility, and market traction.”

As of current, the company boasts of around three million users spread across the globe. The international exchange also has resident offices in South Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, and even Malaysia and claims to have a workforce of over 300 employees around the world.

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