One of the benefits of blockchain is that it is used to create an irrefutable ledger of transactions which means that it can be used to fight counterfeit products and can also be used for efficient recordkeeping among many industries and this has led with it being embraced by the supply chain industry, the finance industry and even education as the use of blockchain can be used to create a ledger of those who complete courses at certain institutions and also means the degree fraud can be significantly reduced. 

It seems Malaysia has recognized this potential as it was reported on September 19, 2019, that the Malaysian Ministry of education has introduced a new initiative called the E-Skril application through which certificates from a private or public universities within the country can be verified.

Blockchain Education 

The reason for this initiative is not only to increase efficiency within the Malaysian educational system but also to combat the growing problem of degree fraud in which degrees are being gotten through degree mills within Malaysia and are constituting a nuisance both within and outside the educational system. With this new initiative, degree mills will see a hit in their business as their certificates will not be found on the national blockchain database and as such, the problem can be tackled head-on.

“There are people who latch on to the reputation of Malaysian public universities to improve their profiles by displaying fake certificates. I believe the blockchain application can change this situation,” said Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik, who also stated that this practice gives a negative reputation for the Malaysian educational system.

The initiative works by the scanning of the QR codes that are attached to all degrees and educational certificates through which information about the owner can instantly be verified such as name, full transcript, graduation date and class of degree. 

Malaysia is not the only country to put this initiative in place as universities in Bahrain have also taken on this new program as it helps to streamline the process of credential verification and in the end saves the university time and energy it would have spent manually verifying each certificate as well as time for the employer who can verify this information instantly.

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