As we have seen in recent months, 2019 has represented a very warm year for the crypto and blockchain ecosystem, although the good news does not end there. Mastercard, one of the most influential financial companies in the world is currently looking for Blockchain and cryptocurrency experts to join their team.

Cryptocurrency development

Against all odds, cryptocurrencies have managed to rise from what appeared to be their worst stage in terms of credibility and volatility in recent years. Bitcoin was able to reach $20,000 at the end of 2017, and after that everything went down until last December, where BTC fell to $3,000. This precipitous fall served to purge the crypto ecosystem of all vices, such as most of the fraudulent ICOs, of users and companies that were only in the crypto-verse going after the juicy returns of both BTC and altcoins climbs and acting under FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Not only did this stage allow a cleansing in the crypto ecosystem, it also boosted the maturity of the few companies that remained standing after enduring such a chilling fall, and of users who relied on the ideology of the decentralized despite prices and Volatility, in addition to the new crypto users that joined at that time on average were educated more about all fields of the community.

What they called a “bubble” a year ago ended up bursting into a new bull run that has not yet proven its full capabilities. The survival of different cryptocurrencies demonstrates the true potential of the technology, regardless of the price. In addition, Blockchain was able to separate once and for all from the yoke that represented the cryptocurrencies and expand into new fields. Although we still associate Blockchain with Bitcoin, we no longer only think about it but also Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, and the traditional financial world.

MasterCard might be entering the crypto ecosystem

MasterCard has definitely undertaken plans to migrate talent in Blockchain to its team through new job application announcements. The New York-based company currently offers payment services with credit cards, prepaid and debit cards to more than 26,000 financial institutions around the world, and is looking for around 28 professionals in the fields of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology with Intentions to help strengthen your team in the wing of the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), a kind of private blockchain.

According to the list of available jobs that was published on August 2 of this year, the company is in search of several professionals in the area, among which they are listed; A Director of cryptocurrency and wallet product management, a Director of product development and innovation, a Blockchain Solutions Architect, a Vice President of Blockchain and active crypto product management, a Senior Analyst for strategic program management, a Senior Engineer from DLT and a Blockchain Engineering Leader.

Undoubtedly, this giant global payment processor is ready to hire a wide range of experts in Blockchain and the crypto community.

According to sources close to the firm, the company wants to intensify its efforts to create digital assets and crypto wallets.

While none of the ads reveal full details of the scope of the products planned by MasterCard, they do indicate that new hires will be asked to identify solutions and concepts that have a strategic fit and value for Mastercard customers and partners.

It is worth noting that Mastercard, in particular, is one of the partners of the Libra Association, a consortium established to govern the Facebook Stablecoin project, Libra.

This leaves the door open for everyone both inside and outside the crypto ecosystem to have questions about whether or not Mastercard plans to embark on a future as a crypto wallet solutions provider, in order to associate projects such as Libra or other potential crypto investors. If MasterCard is simply looking to the future where cryptocurrencies seem to be part of it, there is not much that traditionalist skepticism can do.

Once the recruitment process is completed, the team is expected to defend and promote Blockchain tech and cryptocurrency ideals within the super company that is MasterCard.

Senior Vice President of MasterCard, Seth Eisen, said the company is looking for new ways to create value for humanity.

“Looking at Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is part of these activities,” said senior vice president Seth Eisen.

In relation to this, in October of last year 2018, Mastercard ranked third worldwide in a list that classifies global entities by the number of patents related to Blockchain technology that they had presented to date.

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