In June of 2019, John McAfee launched a digital currency access point that constitutes both manual and bot trading, cutting across a number of exchanges under one interface. McAfee Magic serves to connect people to more than 500 digital currencies and has over the years gathered 11743 users so far.

On Friday, McAfee announced to the public that he would be launching an exchange called McAfeedex, which would “require no name, no documents, no email and no bank information” in order to use. He continues to say that transaction details would be private and that no information will be monitored: that means that there will be no recordings and no restrictions according to McAfee.

During the launch of the new digital currency access point, McAfee made a move to insist that “the exchange’s distributed decks better version is coming on 10/7. Play with it. It takes time for enough users to join to make it real, but if you play and be patient, you will see it is the door that frees us from government’s cornerstone of control: Fiat currencies. It cannot be shut down.”

The website entails a small preview of what is yet to come. This includes free swaps for Ethereum based tokens and 0.25% taker fee. The site announces that it will have no blocked jurisdiction on whatever countries; therefore; there will be no banned practice fears from participation on the exchange platform.

Before the announcement and the tech launch, McAfee gave pointers to the fact that he had a surprise as he shared four exclusive pictures. “Clues to my Monday announcement, it will bypass, once and for all and conclusively the nightmare of the first image totally redefined, two, bring one up for the 3rd and finally and hopefully give us all the spirit of the 4th. “The above sentiments were relayed by McAfee during the hours prior to the announcement.

The news comes after MacAfee’s boat escapade as word has it that he is allegedly running from the US law enforcement: a rumour that has been in circulation for the last nine months. In January of this year, McAfee reported to the press that he was on the run from “unspecified charges of felonious nature.”

Additionally, he insisted that prosecutors had also made moves to charge his wife and four members of his 2020 presidential campaign. Part of the statement is quoted as to say, “I have not been paying taxes for the last decade, and I have made no secret of it.” Ever since McAfee has been hiding on his freedom boat and has been engaging himself with travelling to locations on land, endeavours that require his full secrecy using.

On October 5, MacAfee tweeted that three-letter government agencies were not after him, especially for his arsenal of guns or for his unspecified failure to pay taxes, rather insisted, “the reason that governments are coming after me has nothing to do with taxes, guns, drugs or anything as mundane: it is because I speak the truth about how we can throw off the yoke of burdensome government.” His Twitter post also insisted “we have the tools: distributed exchanges and privacy coins.”

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