Blockchain has represented a promising alternative in more than cryptocurrencies, proving its value in different projects aimed at improving electrical management, driving smart driving in cities, laws and more, thus becoming a key factor for any industry or company achieve your goals

 During the forum “New technologies and their effect on the government and the population”, sponsored by the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, it was proposed to use blockchains to counteract the theft of fuel in the national territory. It is an attempt with a double purpose to minimize this crime and promote the use of these networks for greater transparency in public power.

This was stated by deputy Rocío Barrera Badillo, president of the Commission of Government and Population, saying that the implementation of new technologies in the government sector must be done daily to simplify the relationship with citizens, render accounts and gain space in the area of security.

Deputy Barrera explained that not all technological innovation involves large investments. “The schemes that take advantage of current encryption technologies are much more secure and transparent”

In addition, it was expressed about the illegal extraction of gasoline from distribution pipelines and their subsequent smuggling. “For example, blockchain technology would make the fuel route traceable and would be a great tool in the fight against ‘huachicoleo’ (fuel theft). This would bring simplification, reliability, accessibility and safety,” she added.

Regarding the rapid advancement of technology and the delays that occur in updating legislation, the deputy indicated that it is necessary to establish flexible legal structures that adapt to the speed and evolution of technology to reduce the digital divide.

She addressed:

“The law cannot lag behind a society in constant evolution, its early application is key before it becomes obsolete.”

Blockchain development as a base technology

Another of the panelists invited to the forum was José Rodríguez, director of Blockchain Land and Talent Land, who highlighted the growth of Bitcoin as a financial platform and the use of blockchains, its associated technology, for different uses on a global scale.

In his presentation entitled Bitcoin and Blockchain, connecting the world financially, Rodriguez stressed that new technologies contribute to minimizing corruption and money laundering.

“The technology that makes you have the money in a few seconds at a distance is an ideal tool for the misuse of money (…) Bitcoin is the only financial system, the only money and monetary system that in 10 years and seven months it has it has not been possible to counterfeit, it is the only currency that could not be corrupted, ”he said.

On the proposal of the deputy Barrera Badillo, a recent report published by the BBC indicated that in the most sophisticated operations it is possible to extract gasoline for an approximate value of 90 thousand US dollars in just seven minutes. Also known as “petro-piracy” it is estimated that this activity generates about 133,000 million dollars a year.

If the Mexican Government decided to approve this notion, they would have a distributed database with information on the general situation of fuel thefts in the country. It is important to continue promoting training in areas that involve new age technology services to continue demanding excellence.

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