One of the most interesting parts of the cryptocurrency industry is the constant price prediction that takes place, specifically in the case of major cryptos such as bitcoin. With any financial market that deals in tradable assets, there is constant speculation about what asset is going to increase in value and what asset will decrease in value. This has led to numerous price predictions about the future value of a bitcoin, such as those who believe it will be worth millions in the future to those who think that the value of a bitcoin will dip to zero at one point. In the course of price predictions, wagers are often made and bets often placed.

Two popular bitcoin figures on Twitter have gotten into a heated debate regarding a bet that was made by Ronnie Moas in 2018 for $20,000.

Unpaid Bet 

The bet which was made in 2018, stated that if the bitcoin price did not exceed $28,000 by the end of 2019, Moas would make a lump sum domination to which is working to free former a silk road owner. The bet in question was made with Vinny Lingham, CEO of blockchain identity startup Civic.

Bitcoin ended the year 2019 with roughly $7200 per token which means that Moas lost his bet and was to make the donation. Lingham tweeted to Moas on January 1, 2020, and asked if he had made his donation. Surprisingly, Moas stated that he would not be honoring his previous commitment and called Lingham a ‘f*cking bastard’. He also asked Lingham to explain why his company’s native token had seen a drop in value. Furthermore, he said that he would be dividing the $20,000 he was supposed to donate to the website and donate to five charities of his choice.

“Read my last three posts … and the ones preceding from the last 24 hours you f*cking jackass … stop making a fool out of yourself in a public forum,” he tweeted. 

Moas has faced harsh criticism for his going back on his words and several others including Peter McCormack have said that they will raise funds to cover the donation that was to have been made.

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