While 2019 has certainly been an interesting year for cryptocurrency, it seems it intends to end on an interesting note as well. It was recently reported that YouTube had been deleting content from a number of prominent crypto influencers on the platform and many of them began to speak up on Twitter about what they called censorship. This included strikes being put on certain accounts and content that was years old been deleted by the platform. There has been no official word from YouTube about why this content is being taken down but it appears that the saga is far from over.

Now, more content creators are speaking out about having their content deleted and theories are being shared in the online space about why YouTube might be doing this and what the solution might be.

Censored Content 

This saga started when Chris Dunn, a YouTuber with almost a quarter-million followers who produce content related to cryptocurrency tweeted that some of his concerns have been taken down.

“@YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos citing ‘harmful or dangerous content’ and ‘sale of regulated goods’… it’s been 10 years of making videos, 200k+ subs, and 7M+ views. WTF are you guys doing @TeamYouTube?!” He tweeted. 

Following this, David Beadles, who runs the YouTube channel Crypto Beadles, stated that he had also been affected by YouTube‘s sudden crackdown on crypto-related content.

“Hey peeps! @YouTube @YTCreators has shut us down for a while. Guess free content and never taking a penny for any content is bad? We’ll post on my Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram going forward all accounts are under Robert Beadles there. God Bless #censorship #youtube #bitcoin,” he stated. 

Another influencer by the name of Omar Bham who has over 210,000 subscribers on his channel released a list of crypto-related YouTube influencers that he has noticed had videos pulled by YouTube. Following his publishing of the list, he tweeted that it seems YouTube is taking down videos that have any links to external sites.

“It seems that a reason why YouTube would have to go after crypto channels is any links to external websites/exchanges in video descriptions,” he said.

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