The trading of digital assets has been, for the most part, a nice sector of the financial world but there has been a push towards bringing digital asset trading into mainstream platforms and this only increased as more institutional funding finding its way to the crypto industry. This included large firms accepting cryptocurrency and investing in it as well as traditional financial institutions creating space for cryptocurrency to thrive within their system.

In the latest of these efforts, it was reported on September 9, 2019, that NASDAQ, one of the largest stock trading platforms in the United States, has listed a blockchain Decentralized Finance Index called DEFX.

NASDAQ Embraces Digital Assets

According to the reports, Exante, a brokerage firm, is responsible for the listing of this tool on NASDAQ which features real-time indexes of tokens attached to several projects such as (VEO), (ZRX), (REP), the DAI stablecoin and MakerDAO (MKR).

This move is a huge step towards bringing more attention to decentralized products and has also gained praise from within the industry since it’s release.

“Speculators and onlookers alike can view the Defix index which is now archived by NASDAQ under the ticker DEFX, an abbreviation for ‘Decentralized Finance Index.’ Zack Hess, the main developer for Amoveo, stated that “[he is] glad to see increased awareness being brought to decentralized finance projects” and would like to “give everyone access to modern financial tools,” the press release said.

This is not the first groundbreaking move that Exante will be taking on as in 2012, they released the world’s first bitcoin hedge fund and that has been reported by Bloomberg to be the most successful hedge fund ever created with over 70,000% return on investment. This has led to an increase in interest in crypto hedge funds with British billionaire Alan Howard allegedly planning a $1 billion crypto hedge fund which will further increase crypto’s popularity within that space and pushing deeper into the world of mainstream finance and investment.

They also were behind the XAI fund which gave traditional investors the ability to invest in digital assets such as Monero, litecoin and Ethereum.

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