The DIGITAL GOLD team is pleased to announce the new stablecoin GOLD. The objective of the Digital Gold platform is to digitize physical gold and make it possible to transfer through the blockchain. GOLD stablecoins establish a digital link between a real-world asset (gold) and a gold-backed digital asset.

DIGITAL GOLD launched its product for both precious metal investors and blockchain communities and is based on a secure smart contract from Ethereum audited by Switzerland.

The GOLD token is a true treasure for those who are looking for a reliable stable currency or simply wish to invest money in real gold with total privacy, high level security and total transparency guaranteed by a real-time audit of gold bullion assets in stock. in vaults in Singapore.

Digital Gold: What is it about?

Among all the resources that human beings have extracted from nature to obtain a benefit, gold has been used to store value for thousands of years. The unprecedented long-term stability of its purchasing power exceeds any fiat currency.

GOLD tokens offer a quick and easy way to store, buy, sell and invest in gold-backed assets with total privacy. Blockchain technology serves to record all transactions involving GOLD digital tokens, which represent real gold.

GOLD StablecoIn

The stablecoin GOLD is not an altcoin or a new blockchain. GOLD tokens act as a digital representation of gold stored in a secure vault owned by BullionStar, a world-famous provider of precious metal storage solutions located in Singapore. Therefore, the stablecoin GOLD is as stable as physical gold and, at the same time, it is much easier and cheaper to store and carry out transactions.

The total number of GOLD tokens issued will always be equal to the amount of physical gold deposited in the BullionStar vault.
Project clients can verify the actual amount of gold deposited in the vault using real-time audit functionality.

DIGITAL GOLD guarantees the total liquidity of the GOLD stablecoins. Any amount of digitized gold can be bought or sold 24/7 in the official project market and in cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike USD-anchored cryptocurrencies, the euro or other fiat currencies, GOLD tokens cannot be expropriated or frozen while physical gold is in a secure vault in a jurisdiction with strong property rights.

There are no hidden charges; The project offers free transactions between the holders and the lowest annual storage rate of 0.99%. The company plans to further reduce the storage rate in the future and implement a flexible rate policy.

The founders of DIGITAL GOLD are sure that the stablecoin GOLD will become one of the key elements in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem. Unlike BTC, GOLD is characterized by extremely low volatility. At the same time, unlike stable currencies anchored to currencies, GOLD will be revalued in relation to all fiat currencies for the price of gold in relation to these currencies induced by inflation.

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