Security in the crypto industry is of essence. This is the case as cryptocurrency transactions; unlike in fiat transactions can not be reverted. As the crypto industry continues to attract more and more traders and investors, the question of security keeps coming up.

Unfortunately, a number of individuals with nascent intents have also flooded the crypto industry looking to earn quick cryptocurrency. They do so by employing dubious methods and attempts at defrauding unsuspecting individuals. Recently the Dash network had such an attempt on its platform.

Owing to improve on its security, the Dash network has recently been forced to roll out an upgrade to the blockchain platform. The enhancements were unplanned for, and they seek to increase P2P transaction transparency in the future. The developers have stated that they believe that the network had possibly come under attack recently.

According to the developers at the Dash network, the network recently experienced an unprecedented and sudden boom in the number of users, transaction and network load which was not explainable by simple interest from the community. The developers think that the network could have been hit with a testing strike or a deliberate attack with an intention geared towards snagging out some personal information from the platform.

Following the massive surge in the number of users, transactions and network load on the platform, the network went ahead to investigate. Several players of the system were contacted to determine if any of them was trying to sell off their holdings. Following this, it was realized and discovered that it was not the case and developers then quickly looked to the mempool of the network’s 17 MB and 46 MB.

Ever since these networks have been cleaned and are as of present back online and fully operational, but the chaos that was recently discovered in them was not expected. The network’s developers have stated that they found a good number of anomalies present in the network. Masternodes would always crash or fail to identify adjacent masternodes therefore ending up banning them and such errors.

If the issue had continued for a number of days the attackers would have managed to gain full access to the dash network and therefore jeopardizing the security and access is 2 million wallet addresses. It goes without saying that such an enormous breach in security and the loss of security on the platform would have had a significant impact on the network’s reputation and credibility. Following the new update, core v0.1 4.0.3 will have a primary focus on data pace usage and will help render any further similar attempts useless

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