As a crypto community continues to expand and thrive around the world, it sees a lot more contact with various government regulators at different levels and this is due to the fact that cryptocurrency laws have not fully been implemented or even considered in certain parts of the world and as tokens become widely used, regulators are forced to give it more attention. In the United States, financial regulators have a somewhat love-hate relationship with cryptocurrency as the Securities and Exchange Commission has shut down several fundraising efforts for cryptocurrency and is still undecided about the bitcoin ETF.

According to a recent announcement, the New York department of financial services is looking to hire a Deputy Superintendent in the Research and Innovation Division and this position must be filled by someone who has experience in blockchain, distributed ledger technology cryptocurrency and other related fields.

New Hires

As part of the responsibilities of the position, the new hire will be responsible for creating and enforcing certain policies within that field as well as engaging with industry players and navigating the department’s interaction with the industries. This shows the growing need for mediation between the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector as well as financial bodies. This is because blockchain is considered to be the technology of the future that will be widely used and cryptocurrency sees more and more support as time goes on. Needless to say, it is practically impossible for any financial body looking into the future to not consider the implications of both industries. 

The need for blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise is not limited to financial bodies as NASA had an opening earlier this year for a scientist with some blockchain background and so did the United States department of Commerce and the Securities and Exchange Commission. This also speaks to a growing trend of blockchain expertise be needed in several fields as LinkedIn reported in 2018 that blockchain developer was one of its most sought after positions.

As the industry continues to grow and thrive, it is obvious that your new job market is emerging both within the public and private sector that will ensure the development of the technology into the future

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