North Korea is a controversial country for a number of reasons such as its dictatorship, its nuclear weapons program and it’s alleged illegal activities towards other countries in the world. One of the recent allegations is that North Korea has sponsored various hacks which have led to the theft of billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency and this money is believed to be helping to fund the nuclear weapons program following sanctions put in place against the country by others.

However, the country is defending itself as the Korea Central News Agency announced on September 1, 2019, that the allegations against the country are false and fabricated and denied a state-sponsored hack team is in operation for the funding of the nuclear weapons programs.

Denying All Allegations 

The allegations against the country were brought forward by the United Nations North Korea Sanctions Committee which accused the country of these acts in a report earlier this year which states that there is a team of hackers whose work is sponsored by the state and has been responsible for various hacks of crypto exchanges, particularly against South Korea.

“Democratic People’s Republic of Korea cyber actors were raising money for its WMD (weapons of mass destruction) programs, with total proceeds to date estimated at up to two billion US dollars,” the report said. 

The Korea Central News Agency has spoken in response to these allegations by stating that the UN is employing similar tactics that were used in the past and that these rumors are being fabricated by the United States in particular as another sanction against the country and then quoted a report by the National Coordination Committee of the DPRK for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism. 

“Such a fabrication by the hostile forces is nothing but a sort of a nasty game aimed at tarnishing the image of our Republic and finding justification for sanctions and pressure campaign against the DPRK,” the report says. 

While North Korea is denying these allegations, they are still under investigation from the United Nations for their reported crimes and the investigation being carried out shows how extensive the network of hackers is across the globe that is committed to stealing cryptocurrency for the funding of illegal activities and this might just include the North Korea weapons program.

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