Surprisingly, North Korea will be preparing its second edition of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain conference for February next year.

After holding the first Conference called “Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency” in April of this year, although it was really being organized since last year, it seems that we will have a second edition soon.

It is hard to believe, but the host country is North Korea; the country that many have accused of being using cryptocurrencies to finance weapons of mass destruction. And it is worth noting that, against all odds, the event is expected to be a success.

According to the event website, the 2020 conference will be funded by the Spanish Association of Korean Friendship and will be organized by the Committee on Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries of the North.

A relevant fact is that, it was reported that digital devices will be allowed and there will be Internet access within the facilities. Not to mention, that United States citizens will be able to attend and be part of the event.

Let’s keep in mind that the event is being planned to be held on February 22 and 29 at the Pyongyang Science and Technology Complex.

A way to see how a desperate attempt to get help with the goal of making progress in cryptography, and can also be seen as an attempt to give the opening world a feeling.

It is necessary to note that visits to North Korea (especially for tourists) are not like in any democratic country, as your time and activities will be totally controlled by the government. To travel to North Korea you must access a travel itinerary controlled by the state agency “Korea International Travel Company”. Many people express that this is an attempt on the part of the rulers that tourists only observe what they want them to see.

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