Members of the Omnitude community took the closure very seriously, as the CEO and family received death threats after the incident.

The blockchain project based on Ethereum, Omnitude (ECOM), announced this week its closure due to insufficient funds to carry out the objectives set by the project. However, some community members took their discontent to the extreme and the project CEO said he received death threats after the announcement.

Although it is common for projects in the digital currency ecosystem to close their doors because they cannot reach the necessary financing, this time the discontent of the community resulted in very delicate actions, as some dissatisfied members revealed personal information and photos family members of the Omnitude team members.

However, the most delicate fact was carried out by a user through a Telegram channel, in which he said the following:

“Tell [the CEO of Omnitude] that if you do not return the money to ICO investors, we will reward you by putting a price on your head on the Dnet (site for hiring hired assassins on the Dark Web).”

Omnitude closure and death threats

Following complaints, complaints and threats by community members, the founder and CEO of Omnitude, Chris Painter, said he will reach the competent authorities KYC information of any person who promotes violent acts against him. Among the data that Painter could record are the passport captures of the users of the ECOM tokens, as well as telephone numbers and physical addresses.

The CEO of Omnitude says that in addition to the death threats against him, members of his family also received messages where unknown people said they would attempt against his physical integrity if the manager did not replenish the capital granted by investors. This clarified that like all projects, this could also be subject to risks associated with the market, so it was a possibility if the price of the ETH fell to these levels.

As for Omnitude, the cryptocurrency made its appearance in the main markets in August 2018, starting with a base value close to USD $ 0.1 per unit. However, the brightest moment for the digital currency took place at the beginning of October last year, since each ECOM was valued at about USD $ 0.29, almost tripling its launch value. From that moment the price plummeted and currently its value ranges from USD $ 0.003.

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