Blockchain and cryptocurrency as concepts are becoming more and more popular around the globe, particularly with young people. This is as a result of increased use as well as greater institutional support in different parts of the world. Naturally, when a concept becomes popular, it is inevitable that it finds its way into pop culture in one way or the other. This has been seen in official emojis being created for various cryptocurrencies, crypto companies sponsoring popular events such as basketball games and even a crypto mention in a Google ad in 2019. 

It seems crypto will now be given the Hollywood treatment as the saga of OneCoin, one of the biggest Ponzi schemes in crypto history, has been acquired by a production company.

Crypto Goes to Hollywood 

A podcast that originally aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation about Riga Ignatov, who is popularly known as the CryptoQueen. Now, according to a report from February 4, 2020, a Hollywood production company has acquired the rights to the property. The podcast was called “The Missing Cryptoqueen” when it was first released and saw 3.5 million downloads. This success has seen it be picked up by a production company and will likely be hitting screens at some point in the future.

The saga is certainly an interesting one with OneCoin being one of the most successful Ponzi schemes in crypto history and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. Ignatov, the founder popularly known as the Crypto Queen, is still on the run with many of her associates being apprehended by law enforcement. This will likely make a suspenseful drama that could spread the word about not only OneCoin but crypto in general.

“Hope it continues to get word out about OneCoin around the world,” said producer and co-writer, Georgia Catt. 

It is interesting that until now, cryptocurrency has not been tackled in a major way by Hollywood. When social media began taking over the world, there was a notable movie ‘The Social Network’ which chronicled the rise of Facebook and was a testament to how important the firm had become. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction and at some point in the future, we will see a crypto movie hit the big screen.

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