The investment and hedge fund company Pantera Capital has invested in Polkadot and there are at least three plans focused on scalability. Other projects used by Pantera include Origin, BloXroute and Filecoin.

The objective of the collaboration is to find a durable solution for the main scalability problems found in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and all four are distributed accounting technology companies [DLT].

If the situation improves, the project can be started before the end of 2019.

Pan More Capital CEO Dan Morehead said:

“These technologies and applications do not develop overnight. The reality is that investing in them is like the initial venture capital, but the real-time price offer.”

When it comes to whether collaboration will lead to a scalable solution or not, Morehead said blockchain technology is an important tool for the transformation of the financial sector that is currently operating in this century.

Although blockchain provides a lot of innovation for multiple departments, it has scalability issues.

Dan also said:

“Since its early stages of development, we have been supporting them and we are very happy to see the delivery of work products. This will not only bring more liquidity to our ICO funds, but will also bring blockchain infrastructure.” Additional robustness. “

Pantera Capital is an investment entity with experience in traditional finance and blockchain technology. On the other hand, Polkadot is expected to make its own contribution by creating a technology that will use relay chains and links to connect to separate blockchain networks and achieve stress-free chain cross communication in the process.

However, Origin will focus on developing a protocol that allows the decentralized market to run in the Ethereum smart contract network, ensuring the direct connection between buyers and sellers. It will cancel third party requests through the use of the Ethereum blockchain, which charges almost 30% commission on transactions.

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