Now, Pornhub uses direct fund transfer alternatives such as direct deposits, checks and the Verge cryptocurrency (XVG).

A new payment crisis is affecting the Pornhub adult entertainment website and cryptocurrencies are attentive as a possible solution, with Verge (XVG) leading the way.

In a blog post on November 14, Pornhub revealed that the PayPal payment processor, in one of its usual moves, abruptly stopped attending to the large number of live-performers (a kind of “live artists”), or simply “models” that use their platform.

The debacle is just the latest in a series of PayPal movements, known for its arbitrary account closures.

The show must go on

Until now, models from around the world received payments through PayPal, which has not yet officially declared why it cut payments and removed Pornhub from its platform. In the blog, they expressed:

“We are all devastated by PayPal’s decision to stop payments to more than one hundred thousand artists who trust them for their livelihood.”

Now, according to media such as Cointelegraph and Coindesk, Pornhub is using direct fund transfer alternatives, which the models must configure themselves. These include direct deposits, checks and the Verge cryptocurrency project (XVG).

In fact, the website agreed with the cryptocurrency in April of last year, while users could already buy products with several of them through Pornhub’s association with the PumaPay commercial gateway.

Pornhub already has a history with cryptocurrencies

The site also said last June that it would accept Tron (TRX) and Zencash (ZEN), although these options do not appear to have been offered as payment options to the models.

With PayPal now withdrawn, Pornhub models may increasingly resort to cryptocurrencies, especially because banks can freeze bank accounts if they have clues that pornography is related to payments.

In each case, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocates highlight the benefit of using some type of censorship-resistant coins. Bitcoin transactions cannot be canceled or denied by a third party as they are peer-to-peer or person to person.

However, Pornhub’s problems, despite the agreement with Verge, put the lack of general knowledge about cryptocurrencies among the site’s models.

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