Besides all the regulatory drama constantly taking place within the world of cryptocurrency, it is evident that it has gained a number of supporters in high places such as to the CEO Jack Dorsey, Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple, and so on. This is often met with great relief from the crypto industry as support from prominent individuals within the business world often signals that currency education is effective and that more and more people with institutional power believe in its potential.

One of the latest of these is Dan Schulman, the CEO of people, a payment processor, who stated in an interview that he holds bitcoin.


This was reported on November 20, 2019, by Fortune who stated that the CEO dropped by their office and discussed a variety of topics including cryptocurrency, PayPal itself as well as PayPal’s now-infamous withdrawal from the Libra association that is linked to Facebook.

Touching on the controversial exit, Schulman stated that his company exited the Libra Association because they wanted to take their focus elsewhere and the question for them was where do you want to put our attention and how do we intend to achieve our mission.

“You know, we think if we focus on our own roadmap, we’d be able to advance financial inclusion faster than if we put all these resources against Libra,” he said. 

According to him, PayPal’s interactions with Libra might not be completely over as he stated that Libra is currently going down the route that his company is still interested in and depending on how things work out, they might reconsider joining forces once again.

Schulman also touched on statements earlier this year that implied by PayPal is working on some blockchain and crypto-related projects. He did not share many details during his interview but made it clear that they are not competing with Libra.

“We think there’s a lot of promise to blockchain technology. It’s intriguing to us, but it really needs to do something that the traditional rails can’t do. Most people think that blockchain is about efficiency, but the system today is pretty efficient,” he said. 

When asked if he holds any cryptocurrency, Schulman stated simply that he holds bitcoin and only bitcoin.

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