After Paypal eliminated the payment option to Pornhub models, the company has looked for other fpayment methods.

The adult video company Pornhub announced today that sex models and artists can now be paid through the stablecoin Tether. This happens two months after PayPal eliminated that option.

It should be noted that, in addition, Pornhub recommends the TRONlink wallet. PornHub already accepted payments with the Tron cryptocurrency (TRX) as well as the Zencash currency. Prior to that, in April 2018, he reported accepting the Verge crypto.

In a blog post, Pornhub explains to users about Tether (USDT):

“For those of you who may not know, USDT is a crypto currency that follows the US dollar, which means that a USDT token is equal to a US dollar. USDT transactions can be performed globally in a few seconds and there is no rates. “

Since USDT and TRON blockchain have partnered, we can now pay the Models securely through TRONlink, a cryptocurrency wallet.

Tether could influence the adoption of cryptocurrencies

However, despite accepting Tron, Verge and Zencash, a September 2018 investigation revealed that less than 1% of Pornhub service payments were made with cryptocurrencies.

The interesting thing is that this could change radically by accepting the stable Tether currency, given the large number of operations that are made with that currency. In fact, more Tether is handled daily than Bitcoin. For example, transactions have recently been made in Tether for USD $30 billion, while transactions with Bitcoin in the same period are USD $23 billion.

Tether is widely used as a currency backed by US dollars. This is how a Tether is equal to 1 dollar. Its value will not fluctuate and, although it may have very slight price variations, these do not go from 1% up or down to USD $1.

Pornhub added other payment methods

Pornhub also added support for the industry-focused Cosmo Payment for adults, which provides prepaid cards to which funds can be sent. Explain in his blog:

“It is free, secure and offers global access, which means you can withdraw from your local ATM, make purchases online and in stores where debit and credit cards are accepted, and view your bank statements online or with the Cardportal application.”

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