Virgil Griffith, Head of Special Projects of the Ethereum Foundation, was recently in Vancouver, Canada during the Annual ETC Summit to consider the details in increasing a healthy and positive relationship between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, following a dispute that has been maintained for years.

It should be noted that both communities were initially separated given their differences, however, it seems that they have achieved a common point within the differences. This is seen as long-standing tensions have diminished, just as developers have become much more cooperative.

The Summit established:

“The relationship between ETH and ETC is opening new doors. We are beginning to get to know each other again.”

This rivalry is not based on enmity, or rancor; In fact, in general, collaboration between the competition can be a positive thing for everyone. And, this was one of the central issues during the summit that took place in Canada.

This debate about possible collaboration is accentuated as the update to Ethereum 2.0 approaches, bringing the Ethereum Classic community to notice the opportunity to fill the space that this update can generate.

New opportunity for miners

Recall that the new update of Ethereum would be the transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, a mining algorithm of lower energy consumption; So Ethereum Classic could be there to receive the new miners.

Griffith also pointed out other examples in which both win with the collaboration. In the end, the main objective is to start collaborating on different aspects that could be beneficial for both networks instead of one.

In fact, at this time, both communities have come together to work on a series of projects that could benefit the entire community. To give an example, there is “peaceBridge”, which is funded in part by the Ethereum Foundation, which allows users to conduct Ethereum transactions between Blockchains.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that they remain competition; Therefore, it is normal for some community members to predict that Ethereum Classic could eventually outperform the Ethereum network.

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