Despite all the good that cryptocurrency does in the world, it is subject to a lot of controversies and one of the sources of this controversy is the aspect of crypto mining. It is such a source of controversy is because it is expensive and very technically demanding to mine cryptocurrency. This has led to many crypto miners attempting to cut costs by stealing energy either from those around them or places such as schools, churches and so on with several people being arrested across the world for stealing energy in a bid to mine cryptocurrency and this has affected the reputation of the industry to an extent. 

The latest of these happenings took place in Ukraine where the Security Service of Ukraine has been forced to arrest some power plant operators for mining cryptocurrency in the Yuzhnoukrainsk nuclear power plant facility. 

Nuclear Mining 

This news was reported on August 21, 2019 and according to the report, the reason they were arrested was not only because they stole energy but also because their use of the power plant facility compromised its security with their setup of internet connection and this led to the leaking of classified information on the plant’s physical protection system. 

After suspicions were aroused, SBU detectives got a search warrant and began an investigation on July 10, 2019, where it was discovered unauthorized computer equipment and a media converter fiber optic cable and partial network cable on the premises of the nuclear power plant. 

This incident goes to show one of the many downsides of attempting to steal electricity for the purpose of crypto mining as not only is a valuable resource taken away from others but in this case, vital information has been released and people have gotten arrested. This is not entirely a rare case as in Russia, a number of engineers were arrested in February 2018 from the Russian nuclear center for trying to use one of the country’s largest supercomputers to mine cryptocurrency. The supercomputer in question had been kept disconnected from the internet for security purposes and to perform up to 1000 trillion calculations per second and was not meant for the purpose of crypto mining.

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