With the tax season being months away, it is essential to avoid the last-minute rush, typical of almost if not everybody, and prepare your taxes early. Prudently organizing your cryptocurrency activity will allow you to scale the process without a single scratching of your head.

Unlike with traditional currencies, filing your crypto taxes are not as strenuous. All thanks to a multiplicity of portfolio tools that track and calculate all of your crypto obligations. To file your crypto taxes, to do so accurately, and the maintenance of a detailed record of all your transactions and trades is called for. This record should run the whole year to substantive.

This is where several specialist tax software on the market come into play. Such software is immense value as they record all of your crypto gains and losses, organize and present them in an appealing and easy to decipher way. The result is viewable on almost any device. Among such software and tools, include:


This tool aims to aid the user to calculate his or her taxes efficiently.it also boasts of helping reduce the overall bill of doing so. Another good thing about this tool is that it is compatible with the tax systems of above 100 countries spread across the globe. The use of this software is free. However, you will be charged for generating a tax report. It supports 33 exchanges as well as about six blockchains. These include BCH, LTC, and BTC.


Most of Blox’s application match those of Koinly. There is a slight difference, however. Whereas Koinly does not specify its target users, Blox has the primary focus on providing cryptocurrency businesses as well as individuals with taxes. It boasts CPA tools that enable the generation of auditable records of all crypto activities. The tool comes with plans that one can choose.


What makes Cointracking unique if not better than Blox and Koinly is that it is mostly a monitoring tool. Despite its tax prepping capabilities coming in handy, it is the quality of the insight it allows as regards taxes, gains, and losses that are its main strength.it also comes with plans ranging from free to the unlimited program explicitly geared for heavy traders. It provides the option to pay for a lifetime license for the tool an also accepts subscription charges via BTC.

With such vast portfolio tools that make the whole process of preparing and even filing your tax returns more straightforward, it should not be a strenuous activity to initiate the process. Over the world, crypto taxes and regulations can be said to be somewhat unfair if not stringent as compared to the rules surrounding traditional fiat. For the best, it is advised you use such software and tools to take control of your crypto taxes.

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