The great movement of a Bitcoin block changed funds in a sale that occurred in 10 minutes yesterday in the middle of a low price.

Within a window of 10 minutes and at the height of block 606.641, a large Bitcoin block movement (BTC) was made. The transactions contained in this block totaled the astronomical figure of 903,592,118 bitcoins.

The magnitude of this movement is comparable to almost 5% of all bitcoin supply and the reserves or stash attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin.

According to estimates, the blocks extracted by Satoshi Nakamoto contain between 900,000 BTC and 1 million BTC.

Big Bitcoin block movement

According to the information extracted from the Bitcoinist medium, the block extracted by Antpool only generated 0.25 BTC in fees (fees), a low cost for the large sum contained in the transaction.

Historical record per hour

Also on the same day, U.Today reports, Bitcoin recorded its highest volume of Bitcoin transactions in USD per hour throughout its history. $8.9 billion in #Bitcoin moved in a chain in a single hour this afternoon.

“It is the largest volume of transactions per hour in USD in the history of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin facing a stage of instability

In addition to the new transaction log that ended up having little to do with mass adoption, Bitcoin made a couple of extremely volatile price movements the same day, probably as a consequence.

Bitcoin suddenly increased its price by almost eight percent in just minutes, to see this increase completely evaporate a few hours later.

New adoption cases

These events could signal a long-awaited mass adoption, but there is probably a more basic reason behind this increase in transactions.

According to the media, it seems that the new record was set simply because cryptocurrency exchanges, along with making updates that reinforce their security measures, exchange or divide their gigantic wallets as one of them.

The twitter account @Whale Alert was closely monitoring the multiple transfers of more than USD $400 million between wallets of unknown origin during yesterday.

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