The developer of a crypto wallet originated in Switzerland called BRD, has partnered with Ripple to follow the path in driving more and more the token of this important project that is today the third largest cryptocurrency in the world XRP.

The crypto company recently announced that Ripple would have invested $750,000 as part of its efforts to build the internet of added value, and as part of this new strategic partnership BRD plans to integrate XRP and start building on the Xpring developer platform.

BRD co-founder and CEO Adam Traidman told international crypto news media that:

“The company has more than 2.5 million users, our main customers being crypto users from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, and Japan. We will take XRP to all the people in the world. ”

This investment will allow BRD programmers to build on the Ripple private blockchain network through Xpring, with the aim of integrating XRP into the BRD crypto Wallets of Android and iOS. Once the integration of the two technologies is complete, users can buy, sell, Hodlr and send XRP.

Currently, the crypto company offers its applications for iOS and Android in about 170 countries around the globe

Ethan Beard, senior vice president of Xpring, praised BRD as:

“BRD is one of the oldest and most respected crypto wallets in the world. This crypto wallet will help the widespread adoption of Ripple (XRP) and many other cryptocurrencies.

The BRD team has helped crypto users around the world with a transaction volume of $6 billion, making it undoubtedly the ideal partner of Ripple to solve real-world problems thanks to Blockchain technologies and with cryptocurrencies. “

It is worth noting that previously crypto wallet was only compatible with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH) and any type of ERC 20 and DAI token. It also had the possibility of buying BTC, ETH and DAI through electronic transfers of fiat money.

This crypto wallet has raised the total amount collected by private investors to USD 56 million. Earlier this year 2019, BRD raised a total of $15 million in a Series B bond issue, led by Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings, and last year this crypto company was able to raise a total of 32 million dollars. additional dollars, but this time through an ICO of his token in Germany, and another million dollars more from small private investors.

Traidman said during the press release that the BRD token has been very useful for the construction of the crypto ecosystem that we know today, and this is used to reward Wallet users with discounts on trading and other advantages.

“The token has been fundamental to build our community and generate enthusiasm about the application”

According to its CEO and co-founder, BRD will not seek to raise more funds in the coming years as it will focus on building a totally new product to the cryptocurrency market, which according to the same crypto company, will be focused specifically on developers who build solutions on crypto assets, and for large traditional financial companies around the world.

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