One of the ways by which cryptocurrency has seen more attention on the world stage is by getting a stamp of approval by prominent individuals such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, billionaire Mark Cuban and so on. At the same time, a number of prominent individuals who have denounced cryptocurrency or called it a scam or a poor investment tool and this gives a bad image to the industry in general. In a bit to this, efforts have been made to reach out to these prominent individuals and show them the benefits of bitcoin such as the upcoming lunch that Justin Sun will be having with Warren Buffett In which the benefits of cryptocurrency will be touched on.

One of the latest of this developments was on October 28, 2019, when former Texas Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul received his first bitcoin from Bobby Lee, who is a member of the bitcoin foundation.

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Lee made the formal announcement of this gift on November 2, 2019 and stated that the bitcoin was put in a special customized gold plated cold wallet developed by Ballet crypto, which is his crypto wallet start up. According to him great care was made to ensure that they want as your question would be suitable for the former congressman.

“It was a special serial number AA000820 to match his birthday! And he loves the #Gold color,” he said. 

The wallets that are produced by his company are physical non-electronic cold wallets and they work in a similar vein to that of a debit card in that there is a passphrase used to access them which is featured under a scratchable panel. The presentation of this gift was made at the most recent Litecoin conference to Paul, who is an outspoken supporter of blockchain and cryptocurrency. His logic is that he wishes to support competing currencies which is why cryptocurrency appeals to him and he has also been an advocate for gold. Interestingly enough, Paul has also been an outspoken critic of the federal reserve and his views on cryptocurrency and contrast to many other law makers.

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