Crypto, from its inception, was a very niche concept that struggled to get any mainstream acceptance as many world governments, as well as private firms, did not take it seriously. However, in the last decade cryptocurrency has shown that it is a viable investment tool as well as a well-loved means of payment and as such, governments have had implement laws that accommodate the community as well as many private firms embracing crypto and in some cases, launching cryptocurrencies of their own.

One of the latest developments, in this case, is from mobile phone giant Samsung who after integrating many major cryptos into their Samsung Galaxy S10 have gone on to add the new tokens to the device, bringing the total number of tokens supported to 33. This was reported on August 30, 2019, and as per the reports, the three new tokens are USD Coin, Maker, and True USD.

Samsung and Crypto 

Of all the major smartphone companies, Samsung has perhaps been the most enthusiastic about bringing cryptocurrency to the forefront of their audience as the inbuilt wallet for their Samsung Galaxy S10 supports many of the major cryptos such as bitch going BNB, ether and surprisingly enough, supports BAT, which is the native token of the brave browser and is used for the tipping of content creators across the platform of the privacy-centric browser.

In the past, crypto holders and users had to rely on third-party wallets and applications to properly store their cryptos in their phones but there’s this new development from Samsung means that you can store your cryptocurrency seamlessly and spend it at your discretion. It is also remarkable that Samsung has given support for 33 tokens in total which is an unprecedented level of support for the crypto industry by a major mobile phone firm. 

This is also important because of the potential ripple effect it will have throughout the mobile phone industry as Samsung is one of the biggest players and is in competition with other large mobile phone firms such as Apple and Huawei. These firms tend to mimic the movies of the other and try to stay ahead of the competition in the mobile phone industry and should this move by Samsung be well received, we could be looking at many other mobile phone developers supporting multiple cryptos on their devices which will lead to even more adoption.

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