Even though it has seen great use on the world stage as of now, it should be noted that cryptocurrency was first a crowd-driven concept that had few users in his initial stage beside the community that believed so dearly and its concept. Even ask cryptocurrency is becoming more popular on the world stage, the community behind it still feels rather tight-knit as there are many forums and resources that are run and consist of everyday people who are passionate about cryptocurrency and in the growth of crypto, the community is still very passionate about it. 

On December 24, 2019, a Reddit user introduced a new game called “Satoshi vs. the Shills” which is bitcoin-themed and serves as a holiday present to the community.

BTC Games

The game in question is a survival shooter game and as the title implies, the main character is Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous creator of bitcoin. The game has been rolled out on the Google play store for android but they is not yet any official word on whether it will be rolled out on the iOS platform for users.

The title character, as previously stated, is Satoshi Nakamoto and he is fighting against a crowd of shrills. Shrills, as they are referred to in the Crypto community, are people who promote other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin. In the game, the shrills are shouting various phrases such as ‘bitcoin is dead’ and promoting other cryptocurrencies. The aim of the game is to prevent them from taking over the world and Satoshi Nakamoto most shoot and defeat them.

This is a rather interesting development as they have been many overlaps over the years between the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency and the world of gaming. Blockchain has been applied to several games and is used as a method of verifying collectible items in various game universes. On top of that, it has been proven that there is an overlap between those who play online games on those who make use of cryptocurrency as both tend to be a very tech-forward and innovative crowd.

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